How Much Does a Working Holiday Cost?

Which ever country you choose, you need $5’000 for your Working Holiday. This will cover your visa, flight, insurance, temporary accommodation and some spending money for your arrival.

The key is having a good Working Holiday Job to arrive to, so you can start earning local currency instead of spending your AUD savings.

Finding the right Working Holiday Job means you can afford to live and travel on your local income, so your Working Holiday will actually only cost you $5’000 for the entire time. That’s pretty good when you think about that $5’000 will last you up to 2 years living, working and travelling in another country. Some people even come home with savings!

Is this for real!? Yep, it sure is. Under31 help young Aussies and Kiwis prepare to depart for their Working Holidays every day. It’s not just a job, we actually love it!

Under31 have partnered with employers across the globe so you can secure a job before you depart. We have in-house Working Holiday Recruitment and Visa specialists who help get the right job and visa for you. We partner with STA Travel to bring you exclusive Working Holiday Packages based on job and visa requirements.

Applying for any of our jobs is free, if you are successful, you’ll purchase your Job Specific Working Holiday Package which includes everything you need for your journey, nothing you don’t.

All of our Packages are under $5’000 so what’s left is spending money for your arrival. Each job has slightly different inclusions based on the length of the position and if it’s a live-in or live-out. Here is an overview of Package prices by country, Package inclusions are listed in each job description.

UK Working Holiday Package – $2’500 + Visa (approx $1’000)

Canadian Working Holiday Package – $3’500 + Visa (approx $270)

French Working Holiday Package – $3’000 + Visa (approx $200)

Italian Working Holiday Package – $2’500 + Visa (approx $200)

US Working Holiday Package – $2’500 + Visa (approx $200)

Next, check out our Working Holiday Jobs and apply for one or all! Under31 will contact you to discuss your eligibility, suitability and schedule an interview.