Pet Nanny

Location: UK
Start Date: Year Round
Length of Employment: 3-12 months
Employer: Heavenly Au Pairs & Nannies

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Job Description
Unlike a Pet-Sitter, a Pet Nanny provides on-going care to pets from 3-12 months. Hosts requiring Pet Nannies might require your help because they work full time, travel often or due to physical limitations.

You will get free (live-in) accommodation, either in your hosts home, or in separate staff accommodation. You will care for your hosts pets as if they were your own.

Duties include:
• Preparing food for and feeding Pets at the pre-specified time/s
• Taking dogs out on regular walks (usually 2 times per day)
• Giving medication if required
• Washing & Grooming
• Ensuring that the pet is not left alone for any longer length of time
• Providing night cover, when the Pet owner is not home during an evening or overnight
• Possibly other small non-pet related errands from time to time or occasional cleaning

Pay and Benefits
• £170- £220 per week, pay varies depending on:
– Level of experience in pet care
– Number of hours of worked per week
– How many pets you have to care for
– If/how many evening and nights need to be covered
– If there are any other duties in addition to caring for the pets

About Employer
Heavenly Au Pairs and Nannies are a Nanny Agency who now offer Pet Sitting (Pet Nanny) positions with good families in and around London & throughout the UK.

Heavenly recognises that there are an increasing number of families whose ‘precious little angels’ are of the ‘furry’ variety not the human variety ie. you have pets requiring care and attention, not children.

For these Families they offer a ‘Pet Nanny’ recruitment service, which is very similar to their highly successful au pair/ nanny recruitment service.

• Eligible to work in the UK (2 Year Working Holiday Visa, Ancestry Visa or British Passport)
• Experience in caring for animals

How to apply
Under31 will support you throughout the application process. We can also help you organise your working holiday visa and travel arrangements. If you are ready to apply or want further information about this position, click Apply Now & enter your details.

We look forward to hearing from you & helping you get to work as a pet nanny in the UK.