Travel Stories

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Cameron – 26yo

Helping Hands

After getting addicted to travel and realizing that a boring life in the one place was not for me I stumbled across Under31 and immediately began the process of moving abroad to the UK. My previous work experience landed me a great job as a live in carer. The flexible work patterns made it perfect for my life of traveling and I was able to meet new people along the way and experience a new culture.

Kellie at Under31 was fantastic, she was in constant communication during the lead up process and made sure everything was organized and ready to when I arrived. Once I got here and into the new role Kellie still kept in contact to make sure everything was going smoothly.

I have now been over here about 3 months and been able to travel to many wonderful cities around Europe knowing that I have a placement to come back to and the security of a job. The live in side of things works great, not having the stress of paying high London rent prices makes it easy to save money!

Under31 was a great move for me and I highly to commend it to anyone who wants to explore the world and work overseas.



Pic AIAmy – 26yo
Helping Hands

I had been a carer for 3 years, working in a nursing home in Australia. I was looking for a change, and a chance to improve my skills as a carer. Little did I know that applying to be a live in carer in the UK would be not only the most rewarding experience, but also my greatest adventure.

Leaving Australia, my friends and family was tough. And I honestly didn’t think I would last more than 6 months living so far away from home. However I knew I would regret it if I didn’t at least try.  It was an emotional journey to the UK. I was excited, terrified, nervous and so proud of myself for actually taking the plunge. I was welcomed to the UK by the friendly staff of Helping Hands, who provided a training week and gave me an introduction into being a live in carer.

After 10 days of sightseeing in England, I had got my first placement. I was so nervous. The family of my client came to pick me up from the train station, I had no sooner got through the security gates when I was welcomed with open arms, and a big hug. That is the moment I knew that I would love it here. I spent 6 months with that family, 6 months that I will always treasure. After a wonderful holiday in Scotland where I learnt a lot about my own family history. I was off to my next placement, just outside of Oxford. I spent a year at this placement, looking after an amazing lady. A lady who I have had the pleasure to get to know and to learn from. She has become a dear friend, and every time I make a roast dinner, I will always think of her, as she was the one who taught me how to cook it.

I have had many holidays whilst working in the UK. A luxury that I can afford when working as a live in carer. I have been to some spectacular places. Italy, Greece, Greek Islands, Germany, Czech Republic, Bratislava, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, France and Scotland. I have travelled solo on some of my holidays, and on others I have travelled as part of a tour group. I have eaten some strange and exotic foods, and seen some amazing historical sites. I have met some great people on my trips, and had the most incredible experiences, that I will never forget. I cannot recommend Under 31 or Helping Hands enough. Their support has been great, I couldn’t have done this without all of their help and support.


IMG_3205Jordan – 22yo
Heavenly Au Pairs

I am finding it fine living on my wage! (£150/wk) I must admit the wage was one thing that did concern me but I have no worries now, I’ve never run out of money 🙂 Only working 3 days, I have 4 days free and I shop, eat out, party and travel all over London all the time. I have a phone a gym membership so I’m not doing it tough by any means and I haven’t touched my Aussie money at all. I have also picked up the odd babysitting job too which is awesome for extra cash! I have friends all on similar wages to me and they all agree it is enough to sustain a great lifestyle.


Pic SH

Stephanie – 23yo

Helping Hands

Hi, my name is Stephanie Hemmings, I’m on a UK Working Holiday and working as a live-in carer with Helping Hands.

The first day of training was great, meeting new people & learning new things. On the 4th November 2015 I met Tim who started the business with his Brother and Mother. I started working with my client on the 10th November 2015 and have explored London and Scotland so far. During these months, I’ve realised this is an amazing place and a wonderful company to work with which you could enjoy as well. My advice would be, don’t worry too much, because things will fall into place. This was my first experience working overseas and having a holiday out of Australia.