Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa

Experience the unique culture, language and lifestyle in Hong Kong on a Working Holiday. Apply for a 1 year Working Holiday Visa with Under31 to explore Hong Kong for an experience that promises to be life changing!

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Why choose Under31?
Under31 are experts in visa applications for Hong Kong. You need the reassurance that your visa is going to be granted. Under31 has 100% success rate, we know how the embassies work and can speak their ‘language’. We ensure there are no bumps in your application prior to lodging so you’re not wasting time and money resubmitting if something goes wrong.

We are so confident in our abilities that we will refund the Visa Service Fee if your visa is not approved. Conditions Apply.

Note: Under31 Visa Service Fees do not include the Hong Kong Consulate Working Holiday Visa Fee.

Visa Application Process

  1. Confirm you meet eligibility requirements and complete below form
  2. Pay $185 Under31 Visa Service Fee via PayPal
  3. Complete visa application form
  4. We will review and submit your application. We will even organise your visa appointment for you!
  5. Attend visa appointment and wait for visa approval
  6. Celebrate your visa approval and set off on the journey of a lifetime in Hong Kong!

Eligibility Requirements

  • I am an Aussie or Kiwi passport holder
  • I am aged 18-30 (inclusive)
  • I have not previously used the Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa
  • I do not have significant criminal convictions
  • I have $3,500 in savings
  • I am ready to travel to Hong Kong within the next 1-6 months

Still have questions?
Have all your questions answered during a Visa Consultation with an Under31 Visa Expert. Find out more here.

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