Italy Working Holiday Visa

If you’re Under31 years old and want to work, live and travel Italy, it’s the 1 year Italian Working Holiday Visa you should apply for. Under31 will help you every step of the way to successfully apply for this visa so you can focus on planning the rest of your journey.

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Visa Facts

Length of Visa: 1 year
Renewable: No
Apply in advance: 5 months of arriving in Italy
Processing time: 2 weeks from visa appointment date (can take longer)



You’re eligible for the Italian Working Holiday Visa if you can tick all the boxes:

I hold an Australian or New Zealand Passport
I am aged 18 – 30 years inclusive
I have not been previously granted the Italian Working Holiday Visa
I have AUD$15’000 or more in savings (proof of funds requirement)



Fee Euro Approx AUD Equivalent
Italian Working Holiday Visa Fee 116 *180
Under31 Visa Service Fee N/A 185
Total $365

*The exact amount in AUD fluctuates with exchange rate at time of application.

Support Documents

Documents essential to your Italian Working Holiday Visa Application are:

 Passport (Aussie or Kiwi)
 Proof of Funds
 Travel Insurance
 Proof of Flight
 Maybe other documents depending on your individual circumstances

Each document has it’s own set of requirements, you’ll receive a comprehensive Support Document Guide when using Under31 Visa Service to ensure you get the right documents, and we also offer a document review service prior to your visa appointment so you know all your documents are going to be correct at the time of your visa appointment.

Application Process

  1. Follow the link below to complete the Application Form. You will be guided by Under31 to successfully complete your application (No Credit Card Details or Payments Required)
  2. Pay Visa Fee (don’t pay today, you only pay after your application has been reviewed and assessed as eligible)
  3. Collate your support documents (as guided by Under31)
  4. Attend Visa Appointment
  5. Wait for your visa to be approved

Begin Guided Application 


Under31 Italian Visa Service includes:

  • timeline assessment
  • visa appointment booked at a time convenient for you
  • comprehensive support document guide
  • application form and completion notes
  • application and support document review
  • recommendations to fit both your travel plans and visa requirements