December 23, 2016

UK Ancestry Visa

UK Ancestry Visa

If one of your grandparents was born in the UK, you may be eligible for the 5 year UK Ancestry Visa. Under31 can help you every step of the way to successfully apply for this visa.


Length of Visa: 5 years
Renewable: Yes
Apply in advance: 4 months of arriving in the UK
Processing time: Approx 3 weeks from visa appointment date

You’re eligible for the UK Ancestry Visa if you can tick all the boxes:

I hold an Australian or New Zealand Passport*
I am aged 17 years or older
One of my Grandparents was born in the UK*
I have AUD$3’500 or more in savings (proof of funds requirement)

*see FAQ’s for more information

The Ancestry Visa is the most expensive (approx $3000), yet the most flexible.

It allows you the longest period of stay in the UK, there is no maximum age restriction, it is extendable, renewable and you can apply for permanent residency at the end of your initial 5 year period.

Fee Breakdown – exact amount in AUD fluctuates with Exchange rate at time of application.

Fee GBP Approx AUD Equivalent
UK Ancestry Visa 496 900
Immigration Health Surcharge 1000 1800
International Currency Transfer Fee 3.5% 94
Under31 Visa Fee 185
Total $2’979

It’s the compulsory Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) that makes this visa so expensive BUT it allows you to use the UK’s National Healthcare System (NHS) during the life of your visa, sort of like Medicare in Australia. Find more information on the IHS/NHS here.

Documents essential to your Ancestry Application are:

 Passport (Aussie or Kiwi)*
 Birth Certificates to prove your Ancestral link
 Proof of Funds
 Other documents depending on your individual circumstances**

*Other Commonwealth Passport holders are also eligible for this visa, however Under31 specialise in Australian and New Zealand Passport applications.

**As part of the Under31 Visa Service, your individual application and support document requirements will be reviewed and discussed with you to ensure you provide exactly what’s required to get your visa granted.

Application Process

  1. Complete the guided application
  2. Application reviewed
  3. Pay Visa Fee (don’t pay today, you only pay after your application is reviewed and assessed as eligible)
  4. Attend Visa Appointment
  5. Sit Back and Wait for your visa to be approved

Allow 20 mintues to complete this form. You’ll need:

  • Your current passport
  • Past travel details – the last 10 countries visited including entry dates
  • Your parents details: full name, date of birth and place of birth (city or town)
  • Income and spendings estimates

No Credit Card Details or Payments Required.

Note: For security reasons, you have to complete the form in one go. Once you start you can’t save and complete later. If there is anything you can’t answer, put TBA and make a note in the section at the end of the form. We will be sure to fill any gaps as part of the review process before lodging your application with the UK Visa and Immigration.

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