USA Working Holiday Visa

If you want to travel to the USA under Work and Holiday arrangements, you are required to be sponsored by an employer under the J-1 Visa. Under31 can support you through this process.

There are a number of programs under the J-1 Visa, including Au Pair, Camp Counselor and Teacher. Each program has it’s own set of requirements.

Unlike other countries, you can’t apply for a working holiday visa then find work. You need to apply for a job, if successful the employer will sponsor and support you through the J-1 Visa application process. Your visa will allow you to work and travel for a specific period of time, depending on the visa program.

Basic Visa Eligibility:

  • I am an Australian or New Zealand passport holder aged 18-30 (depending on the program your joining)
  • I am sponsored by a US employer

Finding a job
Under31 has partnered with a range of US employers to provide you with employment opportunities. If successful, these employers will sponsor you and support you through the visa application process. See current vacancies here.

Still have questions?
Have all your questions answered during a Visa Consultation with an Under31 Visa Expert. Find out more here.