Visa Consultation


Can’t find the information you’re looking for? 

Finding the right information about working holiday visas can be difficult and stressful. The advice you are reading online can be time consuming, unclear and frustrating! Under31 are here to answer all your visa questions.

Request a Visa Consultation and speak to a visa expert.


Visa Consultations are useful for:

  • Tricky Timeframes
  • Unique Circumstances
  • Support Document Enquiries
  • Complex Travel Plans
  • Multiple Visa Applications
  • Applying from Other Countries
  • Part Lodged Visa Applications
  • Visa Appointment or General Enquiries

Have your questions about visas and the application process answered by one of Under31’s Visa Experts during a 20 minute phone consultation. For just $29, you will be guided on the right way to successfully apply for your visa.

If you choose to use Under31’s Visa Application Service, the cost of the phone consultation will be deducted from your visa application service fee.

Why pay for a Visa Consultation with Under31?

  • Under31 has 9 years experience and 100% success rate with Working Holiday Visa applications
  • You’ll have all your questions answered instantly during your talk 1:1 with a visa specialist
  • All information provided to you will be specific to your individual travel plans and time frames
  • Find out about eligibility requirements and support documents specific to the country you’re visiting
  • Learn the correct time frames to apply for your visa and arrive in the country to make sure your visa is valid
  • Started your application and have a technical issue or unsure how to answer a few questions? We’ll provide you with all the information you need to continue your application

Under31 Visa Consultations specialise in the following Visas:

  • 2 year UK Working Holiday Visa
  • 5 year UK Ancestry Visa
  • 1 year Italian Working Holiday Visa
  • 1 year French Working Holiday Visa
  • 2 year Canadian Working Holiday Visa
  • Schengen Visa/Schengen Area Rules

 Request a Visa Consultation 

1. Send text message Visa Consult with your name and your preferred phone consult date/time to 0401388088 any time.
2. Under31 will send you a link to complete payment of $29
3. An Under31 Visa Expert will call you to answer all your questions. So Easy!


Need an Urgent Consultation? Skip the cue! Follow this link to complete payment securely via PayPal then text your name and Urgent Consult to: 0401388088.