Working Holiday Accommodation

When your on a working holiday, you need accommodation that is flexible, affordable and in a good location. Our friends at Arrive Homes ticks all of these boxes ..  and more. We are amazed by the unique service they offer and the quality of service they provide.

Choose and Secure Your UK Accommodation 

With Arrive Homes you can choose and secure temporary or permanent residential accommodation before you leave home, so as soon as you get to the UK, you can go direct to your new home-sweet-home!

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About Arrive Homes

Arrive Homes is a leading provider of accommodation for overseas teachers (and other professions) coming to work and reside in London in the United Kingdom. The company arrange house share for professional workers, mainly teachers who have secured employment or looking to work in London. Arrive Homes have grown steadily since its inception in 2009, and is owned by two teachers – Phil Tierney and Aaron Gauthier.

The company aim to make the process of finding accommodation as simple as possible. Arrive Homes guarantees a home for people working in London (subject to availability) that are to be shared and enjoyed with fellow professionals.

All bills are included in the rent (electric, gas, council tax, TV licence, water) with internet and all house facilities provided. Many friendships have been developed among housemates who previously did not know each other and often who arrived in London alone.

Benefits of the Arrive Homes service

 No hassle. No effort. - A home set up for you on arrival - no need for expensive hotels or undesirable hostels. A room in a property can be found before you arrive. The company are happy to discuss your personal requirements with you.

 No long term contract or commitment - Most (Real) Estate agents in the UK insist on tenants signing contracts often up to a year. In the unlikely event of you not enjoying your experience, you can leave with minimal notice! Arrive Homes can accommodate your short term and immediate needs as soon as you touchdown in the United Kingdom.

 Professional tenants – the company specialise in helping accommodate professional teachers - you have the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other teachers or professionals in a similar situation. This ready made support network allows for a smooth transition to life in the UK.

 Understanding your needs - The founders of Arrive Homes are of a teaching background with extensive knowledge of London and the property market.

 Easy travel- You will be guaranteed an easy commute to your workplace. All our properties are within a short proximity to the London Underground/train network and other mainline services.

 Clean and well maintained properties.

 Prompt and efficient service response to individual requirements.

Useful information

Using Arrive Homes you will avoid those commonly experienced mishaps, costly pitfalls, and frustrations that can come with relocating to a new place. They make the process of moving and adapting to a new life and way of living easier, more convenient with fully furnished rooms, shorter let agreements with bills included, as well as spacious and clean living standards.

Rooms for rent are in high demand and are not available for long. If you see a place on the availability listings that you like, contact Arrive Homes via email or Facebook. Their friendly and dedicated team of staff are available to answer any questions you might have about what we can offer that would suit your accommodation needs.


Typical Rental prices in London

Please be aware that London is an expensive place to live. Arrive Homes aim to keep rental prices as low as possible. This can be difficult if rent and utilities rates in the market increase. They aim to give great value for money for the teacher and professional. Therefore, you can save a little on rent and enjoy London life!

Prices range from £450 to £700 per month. Do not forget that all bills (council tax, electric, gas, water, TV and TV licence and the internet are included in these prices). As of January 2015, the average price of a room is £600 per month.

The price of the room depends on a number of factors such as size (a single bedroom is cheaper than double, desirability of location, quality of accommodation. Higher specification accommodation tends to be more expensive. A limited number of rooms for couples are available that tend to be in high demand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fees for using Arrive Homes?

No - there are no fees or hidden charges. Compare this to some estate agents where there are many fees and charges incurred.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. You need to pay a deposit before you move into the property. This is always the equivalent of the monthly price of a room. For example, if your room is £600 per month then this is the deposit amount. The deposit is often referred to as 'bond'.

What is the minimum time I can be a tenant for?

You must serve a qualifying period of 6 weeks when moving into a property. If you are still looking to leave after 6 weeks you can give your 2-month notice. If you are just arriving or planning to stay during the months of June and July, Arrive Homes can offer summer placements up until the beginning of September.

Can I arrange a taxi from the airport to the property?

Yes. Arrive Homes can arrange this for you upon your arrival. We use reliable and trusted taxi drivers who will pick you up at an agreed spot and take you to the property. Here you will meet a member of the Arrive Homes team or a designated member of the existing house share.

Can I pre-book and reserve rooms in advance?

Yes. This is possible and often recommended, particularly during the busier times of the year. While it is nice to have the peace of mind to view rooms/houses yourself, using the knowledge and expertise of the Arrive Homes team can guarantee you a place from the comfort of your computer/phone before you arrive in the United Kingdom.

How are my housemates selected?

Only accepted are like-minded, working professionals into the houses. Most housemates are commonly registered with teaching and professional agencies in London.

What happens if I need to relocate because of my job?

This is perfectly normal. You can either follow the notice period as explained or move at the earliest opportunity to an available Arrive Homes property that is closer to your place of work.

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