Under31 Terms and Conditions

The Fine Print ... boring yet important!

Under31 Visa Services - Terms and Conditions

Upon purchase of  an Under31 Visa service, Under31 agrees to support the customer to lodge their visa application in accordance with the relative Visa & Immigration Regulations.

Under31 will discuss, review and lodge customer application for the relevant visa. The customer must provide full, accurate and honest information as part of their visa application. Any false, incorrect or misleading information provided by the customer as part of their visa application may lead to refusal of visa application or delay in processing. Under31 has no say in the outcome of your application. Once your application has been lodged, it is up to the discretion of the Department of Visa and immigration to assess and either grant or deny an application. Processing times are also out of the control of Under31.

Under31 agrees to lodge applications according current Visa and Immigration rules, rules can and do change without notice, in every case Under31 does it’s best to keep up to date information, in the circumstance where a rule has been changed by the Visa and Immigration department between application and lodging, Under31 will work with the customer and the department to resolve the issue in a timely manner. In the circumstance where a visa is not granted, Under31 agrees to work the customer and department in attempt to resolve or rectify the decision. The final decision however is up to the Visa and Immigration department. The intention of Under31 Visa Service is to provide guidance to the visa application process. No responsibility is held by Under31 for the processing or outcome of any visa application.

Under31 Visa Services – Disclaimer
Disclaimer applies to all visa services full or partially complete.

I understand and accept the following terms. Under31 accepts no responsibility or liability for:

  • ​Outcome of your visa application
  • Change in embassy fees or exchange rate
  • ​Change of visa rules without notification
  • Inaccurate information provided to Under31 about a candidates personal application details 

Visa advice provided by Under31 should be followed strictly, without exception, otherwise your application is at extremely high risk of not meeting Embassy rules & regulations, resulting in an incomplete, declined or rejected application. No refunds apply.

Under31 Visa Services - Fees

**Under31 - Pre-application Screening$99Lodge your own application after a comprehensive pre-screening with Under31
 **Under31 - Lodge My Application$185Under31 will lodge and manage your application for you
 Apply for UKVI Refund 10% Under31 retain 10% of the total refund amount
 Under31 - Appointment Reschedule$29To reschedule your appointment after your application has been lodged
** includes new applications, part lodged applications, 30 day period extension and refund applications.