UK ​Working Holiday Visa Facts & FAQ's

Plain and simple, easy to understand information. Our goal is to help you understand the application process, and get your visa approved - problem free! After reading this information, if your questions aren't answered, you'll benefit from speaking with an Under31 expert who will consider all your details and travel plans and provide you will the additional information you need to get your visa approved.

Application Process
Cost of Visa
  • The official name for the Working Holiday Visa is the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme
  • This visa allows you to work and live in the UK as a temporary resident for 2 years
  • You have 6 months to enter the UK from the date of application
  • You  can work for any length of time with one employer in the UK
  • You can enter, exit and re-enter the UK freely during the life of your visa
  • You can't apply for this visa from inside the UK
  • Aussies can apply from New Zealand and vice versa
  • There are 34'000 visas allocated to Australians annually and 14'000 to Kiwis
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 Answer yes to all these statements and you are eligible.

 I am Aussie or Kiwi
 ✔ I am aged 18-30 years (inclusive)
 ✔ I have not previously held this visa
 ✔I do not have dependants under the age of 16 years
 ✔ I will be able to provide a bank statement showing I have AUD$3'500 savings in my bank account
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Application Process

Application Process - the short version

Apply and Pay Visa Fee

Collate Documents

Attend Visa Appointment and Wait for Passport to be Returned

Arrive in the UK and Collect your BRP Card

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Application Process - the long version and comparison table

Apply Yourself V's Using Under31 Services
 Complete Under31 (U31) pre-application form x
 U31 reviews your application details x ✔ ✔
 U31 calls you to discuss application details, time frames, outstanding information and anything that might impact your application   x  ✔  ✔
 U31 will make recommendations, answer your questions and tell you what to expect  at your visa appointment and beyond the application process x ✔ ✔
  Lodge your application direct with the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVi) ✔ ✔  x
 Pay Visa and Immigration fees ✔ ✔ ✔
 U31 will lodge your application in accordance with the UKVi guidelinesx x   ✔
 U31 will book your visa appointment x x ✔
 U31 emails you appointment details, documents for your appointment, support document guide, BRP collection information and answer any pre appointment questions x x ✔
 U31 will follow up your application in the case of any delays or issues x x ✔
 Collate Support Documents ✔ ✔
 Attend Visa appointment & wait for your passport to be returned ✔ ✔
 Arrive in the UK & collect your BRP card ✔  ✔  ✔
 Ongoing support from U31  x  x ✔

Lodge Application6-7 months prior when you want your visa to start
Attend Visa AppointmentWithin 3 weeks of lodging your application. Appointment takes approximately 15 minutes.
Wait for your passport to be returned (with visa vignette inside) 95% returned within 3 weeks
98% returned within 6 weeks
100% returned within 12 weeks
Priority service 1 week
Arrive in the UK  Within 30 days of your visa start date 
 Collect BRP card 7 - 30 days after your visa start date
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Cost of Visa

The total cost of the UK Working Holiday Visa is around AUD$1'200. You can work out approximately how much your visa is going to cost you using the breakdown of fees below. The UK Visa and Immigration fees will always vary with exchange rate, these prices are current as at June 2018.

UK Visa and Immigration FeesAUD $ Notes
* Visa Fee450 This is the cost of your 2 year visa. This price fluctuates with exchange rate.
* Immigration Health Surcharge1128 This fee is paid into the UK which is there healthcare system (NHS) equivalent to Medicare here in Australia. This price also fluctuates with exchange rate. (incrased on the 8th Jan 2019)
 Additional Fees
 International Transaction Fee36 Charged by banks when completing and international payment. This amount varies from bank to bank/credit card provider.
 Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart Application Centres0 You need to attend an appointment at one of the 7 visa application centres in Australia in person.
 *Brisbane, Perth and Canberra Application Centres100These 3 application centres charge an additional fee for attending your visa appointment here.
Under31 Fees
** Under31 - Pre-application Screening 991:1 phone call from visa specialist to answer all your questions 
* *Under31 - Lodge My Application185Visa specialist will lodge your application for you
 Reschedule Visa Appointment 29 Under31 will reschedule your visa appointment
 Apply for refund10% of refunded amount Under31 will apply for your refund from the UKVi, if the refund is granted, Under31 retain 10% of the total refund amount).

 *Compulsory Visa Fees - you will pay these fees weather you use Under31 Visa services or not

 ** Includes new applications, part lodged applications and vignette transfers (30 day period extensions)

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What is a BRP?

BRP is your 2 year visa card, it looks like a drivers licence and is issued to you once you arrive in the UK. BRP stands for Biometric Residence Permit – you should carry it with you all the time, especially when you exit and re-enter the UK. This shows authorities you are a temporary resident of the UK during your 2 year visa period. It means you have the right to live and work in the UK, and to travel freely in and out of the country.

What Does a BRP look like?

A BRP looks like a driver’s licence, it has your photograph and all your details on it, including the issue and expiry date of your 2 year visa. You can use this card as ID and should carry it with you always, especially when travelling.

Where will I pick up my BRP from?

Your BRP card will be sent to a post office in the UK for you to collect in person, you’ll need to take your passport with you to collect your BRP card.


What is a Vignette?

You will be granted a Vignette sticker in your passport here in Australia which indicates your visa has been approved. The Vignette gives you a 30 day period in which you have to arrive in the UK and collect your BRP card. You need to present your passport and vignette sticker to collect your BRP card upon your arrival in the UK.

I’ve already got my visa approved but I’m not going to make it to the UK within my 30 day vignette period. Can I extend my Vignette period?

Yes, you can apply to extend your Vignette for a later date. If you need help, Under31 can Talk you Through It or Lodge your Application for you.


How far in advance can I apply for my visa?

You can apply up to 6 months in advance of arriving to the UK. If you have a tight time frame Under31 Help can Talk you Through It or Lodge your Application for you.


How long does a visa take to process?

Standard processing time is 3 weeks from the date of your visa appointment, however it can take up to 3 months, so be sure to plan ahead. Best time to apply is 3-6 months prior to your departure for the UK.


Can I get my visa processed fast than 3 weeks?

Yes, the Visa Application Centre offer a priority service which has your passport back in 1 week for an additional fee of approx AUD$360. If you need help, Under31 can Talk you Through It or Lodge your Application for you.

What is Immigration Health Surcharge?

The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is a compulsory fee charged by the UK Healthcare system which enables you to use this system (like Medicare) for the duration of your visa.

Can I apply for my visa from outside Australia?

Generally not, you cannot apply for your visa from inside the UK, and there are a few circumstances in which you can apply from other countries. We’ll be able to tell you once we’ve heard about your travel plans, and will offer you the best options or alternatives to fit in with your journey. 


I don’t have work lined up in the UK, will this affect my visa application?

No, you are not required to have any work lined up in the UK, the UKVi prefer you not to have any work or travel plans prior to receiving your visa back after application.


Do I need to have a flight booked to apply for my visa?

No, you do not need to have a flight booked to apply for this visa. The UKVi recommend you have no flights booked prior to your visa being granted.


I have my visa approved but can no longer travel to the UK and wish to withdraw my application. Can I get a refund from the UKVi?

Usually yes, but it depends on the circumstances. If you need help, Under31 can Talk you Through It or Lodge your Refund Application for you.


I am travelling for a few months between departing Australia and arriving in the UK. How do I time my visa application?

You need to be careful that your time frames align with the visa requirements. You need to allow at least 4 weeks for your visa to be approved before you depart Australia (or 1 week using priority service), then you need to arrive in the UK within 6 months of lodging your application. If you need help, Under31 can Talk you Through It or Lodge your Application for you.

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Under31 Visa Services

Under31 have 3 options to choose from: Visa Information - that's free and easy to understand. 

Pre-application Screening - test run your application with the 1:1 help and guidance of our Visa Nerd.

Lodge My Application - we'll lodge your visa application for you. With our 100% success rate, you'll have total reassurance that your application will be approved. 



Note: Under31 paid services can be used for new applications, partially lodged applications, 30 day period extensions, urgent applications, refund requests.

Visa Information Free

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 Pre-application Screening - $99

Review and "How To"

Want to test run your application before you lodge it to make sure it's going to be approved? This service was built for you! Under31 will review your application, call you to discuss application details, give you links and information, and answer all your questions you need to lodge your own application with the UKVi. Your entire application and time frames will be assessed in accordance with the UKVi guidelines and discussed with you to ensure they fit in with your travel plans. We will smooth out any potential issues in your pre-application and will tell you exactly how to lodge your own application direct with the UKVi.

  Lodge my Application - $185

Application Sorted

Under31 Visa Nerds analyse and lodge applications everyday and have a 100% success rate.  We'll get yours done faster and more accurate than doing it on your own. For one flat fee, we'll manage your visa application so you can stop worrying about your visa and focus on planning the rest of your trip. This option includes all of the Pre-application Screening plus we'll lodge your application in accordance with the UKVi for you and provide endless pre and post application support. You're application is in good hands with Under31.